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“Stay together for implementation and execution of international law in the world .”

Dr. Poorhashemi, CIFILE President

Who We Are

Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE) is an international institute located in Canada. CIFILE offers and provides International Law expertise, legal training, online courses, conferences, legal research and publications to legal professionals. CIFILE works with groups of international lawyers across the globe to try to promote the practice and expertise of International Law (including, but not limited to, providing advice, advocating for or representing a client in international litigation, drafting international contracts, settling international disputes and arbitrating, by licensed International lawyers). International lawyers also participate in negotiations and provide their expertise in International Law and in foreign jurisdictions. CIFILE also aids in the research, publishing, and continuing education for professionals such as lawyers, immigration consultants, law students, law firms and other legal professionals.

What We Do

For law professionals: Canadian Institute for International law expertise (CIFILE) provides you an update tool for networking, professional development, continuing professional education, marketing and presenting your services to your potential clients around the world. For public: Canadian Institute for International law expertise (CIFILE) provides a directory of Lawyers and law professionals worldwide. CIFILE tries to promote the client-lawyer relationships in many countries.

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