Date: May 01, 2020

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Do you want to become an International Lawyer?

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If you have potential clients with professionals and business interests or potential cases or transactions that involve parties, laws or legal systems in more than one jurisdiction, or outside your country’s jurisdiction, you may be interested in becoming an international lawyer.

If you want to specialize in international law, or need additional training in this field of law, CIFILE will provide you with the training program and support you need to succeed as an international lawyer. We will work with you for training and practicing International law to acquire the skills and updates necessary to become an international law practitioner. This program is provided as a professional development and Skill Upgrading for lawyers across the world. A “Certificate of International Law practitioner” is available at the end of the program.

Start Date: May 2020 to May 2021   (Program Length: 12 months including the apprenticeship)


  • Licensed lawyer (be a regulated lawyer according to your country’s regulation)
  • Graduated in International Law (Degree Level: License/Certification, Bachelor, Juris Doctor (J.D.); Master of Laws (LL.M.)) or you have experience in International law such as international organization or agencies
  • Able to communicate in English or French

 5 Steps to becoming an International Law practitioner:

Step 1: Registration

Fill up the application form below, upload your documents and make a payment

Step 2: Online courses and seminars

Participate in our online training programs (all program provided by video conferences for limited groups in 6 Months)

Step 3: Practical Legal Training

Apprenticeship in CIFILE’s international lawyers Firms in your country or other country (in 6 Months in person or remotely based on availability)

Step 4: Evaluation

Evaluation and exam (based on your experiences and education materials provided by CIFILE)

Step 5: Certificate

Certificate from the Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE)

Characteristics of this program:

  • 100% online courses and seminars with online tests & evaluations
  • Small class size with interaction approach
  • Flexibility by studying anywhere in the world, at any local time
  • Global networking by connecting you to the CIFILE international lawyers across the world over 70 countries

Career opportunities as an International Lawyer:

  • International Lawyer advises and represents individuals, businesses, government agencies and organizations on international legal issues and disputes.
  • There are a significant number of opportunities to work as an International Lawyer at both public and private sectors; such as international law firms, global financial and insurance firms, international tribunals and courts;
  • You will be able to practice international law by completing international law transactions, drafting international contracts, conducting searches and engaging in global legal systems;
  • You will have the opportunity to enhance many skills in an international environment, including building new networks internationally, communicating in different countries, and doing travel and gaining life experience acquired through working abroad
  • You have the opportunity to complete the apprenticeship in CIFILE’s international lawyers Firm in your country of residence or Canada (under certain conditions) to having global work experience.


If you have questions about the CIFILE certificate program, we are eager to hear from you! Please contact , or call +1 (416) 849 6990.

How to Register: 


Registration Fees:

First payment upon submitting your application: 100 $

Second payment: Upon receiving your letter of acceptance: 745 $

Third payment: Upon starting your practical training: 745 $

Final payment: Upon your receiving the Certificate: 450 $  

The registration fee includes access to all online courses and seminars, courses materials, the Certificate. All other expenses such as international flight, hotel, visa, insurance etc. are not covered.

Please fill-up the Registration Form below.  
If you would like more information about the certificate, please contact us: 

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