Li Bin, Scientific Member of CIFILE, Professor of Law, University of Beijing, China

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University of London: www.qmul.ac.uk/euplant/people-involved/experts/items/li.html


in Li is Professor of Public International Law at Beijing Normal University. Bin Li got his Bachelor and Master degrees in law from Nankai University (Tianjin, China), and has the diploma of Doctor of Law from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (France) and is now Professor, Vice-Dean of the Law School of Beijing Normal University (China). His doctoral thesis deals with the protection of property right in China. The main issues cover land tenure, private property and social inequality, relationship between property and responsibility. His ongoing research projects focus on such topics as the transformation of Chinese law on private property, the interaction between Chinese law and international law, globalization and the development of international law, comparative study on legal cultures, etc. Bin Li was Research Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study of Nantes (France) in 2011-2012. He teaches in the field of international law, in particular, public international law, human rights, international economic law and legal aspects of transnational business transactions.


Bin Li’s recent book-publications include:

  • La Justice en Version Originale: comparaison du procès civil en France, en Amérique et en Chine (English Title: Comparing Civil Procedures: France, China and the United States, with Antoine Garapon, Stéphanie Balme and Daniel Schimmel, Ebook, LexisNexis, Paris, 2014);
  • Droit chinois des affaires (in collaboration with Robert Guillaume, Lu Jianping, Larcier, Brussels, 2013);
  • Légitimité, légalité et effectivité: la protection de la propriété en Chine (tome 1), l’Harmattan, Paris (2011); and
  • Entre droit humain et droit du commerce: La protection de la propriété en Chine (tome 2), l’Harmattan, Paris (2011).